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    been working on a little level, im trying to place enemies, i have them placed and they patrol but they dont seem to shoot at me untill i hurt them, and i can walk through them, also my cameras go off when they see me but not enemies.

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    You need to set up their orders and alliances, in the SDK right click on the pawn to reveal "properties".
    The first drop down bar with alliances and the orders need fiddling with, until you get them doing what you want.
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    Deus Ex modifications did not begin until the initial release of the Deus Ex SDK on September 22, 2000 (almost exactly three months after the release of the game). According to the initial announcing press release[1], the SDK consists of the actual software tools used to create the game. While the SDK can be used to create content and gameplay on par with that of the game, it is not capable of exporting the entirety of the existing game content into user-modifiable form. (Notably, it is impossible to decompile all of the game's conversation resource files using the SDK, or modify the original DLLs. Programs like Reshack were required to modify DLLs, and it was not until June 2006 that a third-party tool was released which could export all conversation resources).

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