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Thread: Commandos 1 - No saving/loading or making profile -Steam Version

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    Default Commandos 1 - No saving/loading or making profile -Steam Version

    I bought both the games about a week ago and when I installed them I find out the save and load options are greyed out, as well as the option to make a new profile.

    I looked around on the steam forums for a solution but everything that was suggested didn't work for me. I spent about 5 hours (here and there) trying to resolve this issue but no success and so tried to get a refund with the reason the game will be impossible to beat without saving. Since I'm posting here you can guess what response they gave me.
    Since it is on steam I can't do anything to make the game run without using it.

    I've seen a few threads regarding the same issue but they have no good answers in them.

    I'm running Windows XP Home Edition Service Pack 3 and I don't know if any other information is needed so I'll wait for some responses first.

    I hope somebody can help me here as I'd like to play the games again for nostalgia value.

    -No save/load game or create profile.
    -Don't know what to do.
    -Can't get a refund from Steam.
    -All help appreciated.

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    Okay I manage to fix it and I made a thread on Steampowered that shows how I did it.

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    Well guys this game is ever best and i am playing this game specially on windows 98 it does not create any trouble on this window but where to save the game is concern it is a problem in commando 1 so you
    play the whole mission as it completely ends other wise you can got the codes and shift yo an other mission.
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