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Thread: <help> Its a long shot, but... </help>

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    Default <help> Its a long shot, but... </help>

    I have a Panasonic VS2 mobile. I recently cracked the screen so now it is slightly broken (it is all white with a massive blotch of black LCD stuff). Everything still works except the screen.
    I have a few files on it that I want to save... so I was wondering if anyone else has a phone like mine and can tell me the necessary buttons to press if I wanted to email my pictures to my home computer (I dont have a USB cable) and copy my contacts to my SIM card... And also probably the way to erase everything altogether incase I sell it on for a low price to someone.
    Help would be very, very appreciated.
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    Perhaps this can be as a last resort, but can you take it back to the shop you bought it from and ask them to backup and transfer?

    There are a few shops in the UK that do that, such as Carphone Warehouse, if I recall.

    Sorry I couldn't be of much help!

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