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Thread: "Numa Numa"

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    Talking "Numa Numa"

    I was first exposed to this media virus* a couple of weeks ago, but I forgot about it until earlier today when I saw it again on CNN. I got the song stuck in my head and just had to track it down.

    For those who haven't seen it, here's a link:

    Nicknamed the "Numa Numa Boy" video, it's a webcam video of an unknown individual, possibly Dutch, lip-syncing the pop song "Dragostea Din Tei" by the Romanian boy band O-Zone. The original music video was a big hit on German MTV.

    I also found an MP3 of the full version of the song. A warning to those who seek it: it's a major earworm, and very addictive.

    I've read that this video was also mentioned on Fox News today.

    *media virus: a term that I believe was originally coined by media analyst Douglas Rushkoff. Basically, a piece of media that spreads and behaves more like a virus than traditional broadcasted media. Example: the "Star Wars Kid" video.
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    Yeah, this damn song was on all music channels and radio stations for like several months. Luckily it's passed, but we are now infected by Schnappi virus, so it's no better.
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    poor fella, going around the world making a dutch arse out of himqelf
    born under a bad sign with a blue moon in my eyes

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    For a second there, the words "media virus" scared me - I'd seen that video earlier, and laughed my ass off!!!

    Seriously, seeing that video made my week.

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