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    Just Cause 2 is a open world video game where players have freedom to roam around and play as they wish, the developers have done a great job creating a huge world with lots to do, but it has a limited number of missions and content which is a problem for modern games, this can be solved!

    A games replay value grows when players are able to add their own content to the game, examples of this are The Elder Scrolls series, Crysis and Grand Theft Auto Series.

    We at are beginning to feel restricted in terms of modding capability. If Avalanche Studios were to release modding tools to the public then I believe it would spark more Interest in Just Cause 2 and increase the games shelf life.

    The modding community would like official tools to be able to import 3D models into the game, add new missions and characters, add new terrain and change the games core mechanics with scripts and plugins.

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    Cool story bro!
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    I know a place from where you can at least get more missions.
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    It is a just cause to just cause chaos in Just Cause just cause it is fun.
    100 bonus missions right here. One hundred!

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