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Thread: Soul reaver slowdown

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    Default Soul reaver slowdown

    While playing soul reaver I noticed that every 15-20 seconds the game would slow down, almost like going into slow-mo. It doesn't fully effect game play but it is a bit irating. I must note I'm playing on the disk on my ps3 because my ps1 laser has burnt out. I have tired other games like blood Omen and tomba and they work just fine. Does this happen to others; is it just the game and is there a way to stop the slow-mo?

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    It happens to me using the PS3 to play it, but usually only at the start of entering a large area so I assumed it was something to do with loading or displaying that. I couldn't do anything about it, luckily it only happened momentarily and not all the time or every few seconds.

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    Remember that the newer PS3 uses software emulation not hardware (only the first few models of it did) so its not 100% compatible with all PS1 and PS2 games.

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    Isn't there a disk speed option when you press the PS button? Setting that to fast might help.
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