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Thread: Please don't square enix this game.

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    Default Please don't square enix this game.

    You know what I mean square.

    Please stop.

    Here, look at this. It's the trailer on the front page. The problem? Nothing, besides the fact that it's reminiscent of every single Final Fantasy game I've ever played.

    What elements make it so square enixy? Well, the showboating remarkable villains. The falling chick. Some weird, action hero dual wielding weirdness that 47 doesn't get filmed doing. Just, the 100% weirdness. Oh, and the incapacitated chick that gets kidnapped. And the hero, has to rescue.

    Please, don't turn this game into something it's not. Or was not meant to be.

    Maybe I'm just plain wrong, but I've always seen this game as more of a problem solving deal.

    With the potential for action elements. With a large emphasis on stealth.

    But that trailer just made me think of this.

    No, I'm not exaggerating.

    What are your thoughts everyone? Maybe I'm wrong, I haven't read much news on the features yet. Anything different?

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    You're Paranoid.

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    I think you're actually a FF fanboy and finds similarities where there are none.
    FACT: I am definitely without a doubt........ the Truest Fan of the Thief franchise.

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    Whoaw, this is.... NOT TRUE!
    Please, info. your self then come here and make a thread

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