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Thread: Legacy of Xehanort: Key Blade - Funny comparisons [LoK and Kingdom Hearts spoilers]

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    Smile Legacy of Xehanort: Key Blade - Funny comparisons [LoK and Kingdom Hearts spoilers]

    I finished with the story of the LoK series and it started to make me remind of Kingdom Hearts, so I came up with some comparisons that make some sense (I am not saying Kingdom Hearts copied Lok or the oposite, it's just for fun)

    [Warning this topic will contain Kingdom Hearts spoilers up to what I know from Dream Drop Distance too]

    In Lok we have the Soul Reaver as a very important plot sword, in kingdom hearts there is the Key Blade.

    I imagined Kain in the SR intro beeing Ansem Seeker of Darkness (KH1 final boss) with the visual when Riku turns to it's apearance in KH2. Once he is part of Xehanort, the throne and pillars make me think about the Organization XII room with the pillar thrones.
    Then he would throw Sora into the abyss, Raziel falling deeper into the water could be one of the thousand times Sora or one of his "other selfves" or Ven are diving into whater during cutscenes .

    The scene on the SR2 opening (aka SR1 ending) reminds me of KH2 opening scene where Sora fights possessed Riku and Ansem in a quite similar room from Hollow Bastion, the time portal in that case would be the portal to the world's keyhole.

    Raziel beeing pierced by the Soul Reaver reminds me of Sora releasing Kairis heart.

    The act of Kain creating his liteunants vampires is just like Xehanort sharing his Heart into vessels without one, thus creating the Organization XIII.

    Also, time travel, Xehanort seems to use that a lot, just like Kain.

    In Defiance story, Janus lost his heart, but his body stays intact, just like Kairi's body, so I presume he is a princes of light.
    But then Raziel takes the heart out of Kain, and at that moment he creates two nobodies, even if Kain is one of the 9 princes of light he is by that time corrupted with darkness. That's the birth of (Roxas and Namine,joke) Kain and Janus nobodies!

    I made some keyblades for fun, what would Sora get if he ended up in LoK world:

    (click image to enlarge)
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