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Thread: Hitman: Absolution releasing December 2012?

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    Default Hitman: Absolution releasing December 2012?

    The latest issue of PSM3 has posted dates for Hitman: Absolution. They mentioned that Agent 47′s latest mission lands in December of this year.

    Update: The Grand Theft Auto V date was a result of bad editing, PSM3 has confirmed. Were not sure about Hitman: Absolution date, but the magazine did mention a couple of small errors may have slipped through.

    Update 2: Square Enix has said that it has not released a Hitman: Absolution date beyond the general 2012 release window.


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    Allow me to quote the official reply from this thread.

    What is the release date?
    Travis@IO wrote: 2012. Until you hear anything more specific from us, don't believe it.
    Myself, I do not believe in any other launch date other than the one that will be posted by an IO official.

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