I have been playing thief 2 for awhile now, currently I am on the "life of the party mission"
I have the GOG version. But now the game completly messing up. The button to use a lock pic (the mouse button)
no longer will work, (it used to do this on occasion and I would restart the game) it will work for about 2 mins of in game
play then it stops... Everytime I read a book or load a save file the game auto saves on its own. Or when I die the game auto saves.
It keeps bring things up on my inventory on its own as well.. I dont know what to do? My computer has been having some minor issues,
for example my mouse curser as been moving on its own and somtimes flashing from visible to invisible.. Do you think this is a virus or a thief issue? I really want to beat the game =).
Any advice?
If its a virus or somthing of that nature what program would you reccomend to get rid of it?
Any help is Greatly appreciated.