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Old 04-07-2012, 08:06 AM
bo3isa bo3isa is offline
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Default commandos in ipad

I think the existence of this game on the iPad will be the game season .. What do you think
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Old 04-12-2012, 11:07 PM
Drahcir Drahcir is offline
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Default I agree

Was just sitting here thinking to myself that commandos would be a slam dunk in terms of sales for eidos, apple, and the ipad. If Civilization Revolution can be played on the ipad, commandos should be an easy enough port. If they put commandos, commandos 2, or even commandos 3 on the ipad I'd be willing to pay 12-15 dollars for it easily, so if any of you eidos execs are listening, MONEY can be made on this game.

In fact, I'm going to call eidos tomorrow and recommend this very thing. Hopefully they'll give the fans what they want and listen to the market. There's not many good strategy games on the ipad but this game would change all that.
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Old 05-05-2012, 02:05 PM
Rsxnorzy Rsxnorzy is offline
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Default Ipad

Yes please make more commandos games like the first 3, and get it out for the iPad, Xbox 360 and other consoles
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Old 06-12-2012, 08:09 PM
dntfeedthemnkys dntfeedthemnkys is offline
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I signed up at the forums today just to add my voice to this particular request.

I think the controls, graphics and gameplay of Commandos 2 (in particular) would port exceptionally well to the iPad.

Pretty please Eidos, sugar on top, release this on the iPad.

I'd pay a premium price to own one of the best games of all time on my iPad. There literally is no other game that fits this style available... If you release on this platform you will own the market.

Go on.
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Old 09-10-2012, 04:24 PM
Szymon Szymon is offline
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Thumbs down Commandos iPad

That's what I'm sure of. That would be a killer app. You might play it waiting for a dentist appointment, while on a subway trip to work, in a train, etc, etc. And in time you wouldn't play it you would wonder how to overtrick these outnumbered Gerrys constantly checking and walking around the base of a given mission.
And this unbeaten climate of the game. British officer briefing you before the mission and this minesweeper concentration to synchronize everything right.

Now: are you going to port it on iPad or not?
If not - would you consider cooperating with other group of programmers to help them maintain the original climate of the game?
If not is there any programming studio that would be willing to take this job?

After playing all comados series multiple times I can still hardly imagine that this game has not been ported on a device that seems to be designed if only for that purpose.
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Old 10-28-2012, 01:18 AM
stacky stacky is offline
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OK guys,

I also just signed up to add my 2c. Think Tiny Troopers, RAD Soldiers, Command and Conquer, all on iPhone and iPad. Now for porting games, look at what Rockstar has done with GTA 3. This is a great game for the iPad.

Eidos execs, consider this one, my friends above are correct. Easy money to be made here with a great series of games. Commandos on iPad, has my vote! I'll pay premium rate for this.
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Old 02-07-2013, 07:33 AM
Lantea's Avatar
Lantea Lantea is offline
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It would be great to see the games on tablets and smartphones.

I would also buy it if they touched up the old games (i.e. scaled up the graphics a bit to HD) and re-released them to the PC.
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