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Thread: Lag when in City

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    Question Lag when in City

    Hello! I didn't want to start my first post with a glitch report or anything, but oh well.

    Anyways, so today I was driving a Tuk-Tuk into Panau City (took forever) and I notice that when I got into the center of each city district the framerate will drop, not dramatically but enough to where it is noticeable. I can tell it is lagging because the animations are slow and blurred, the objects in the city feel like they're moving frame by frame, and my car's steering is slowed and glitched.

    This may not be a big issue but I was just wondering if anyone here has this problem or what it is caused by?
    By the way I own the Xbox version of the game.


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    I also had the problem on the Xbox 360 but I'm not sure why :/

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