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Old 04-03-2012, 01:28 AM
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Default 2 MB's in 2 months Mapping Challenge

Originally Posted by chinny at gravity-world
2 Megabytes in 2 months Mapping Challenge

I propose a mapping challenge which requires the mapper to complete a DXMP map which is less than 2 megabytes within 2 months


- Map Challenge is open to everyone.
- Maps must be no bigger than 2 Megabytes (2048 Kilobytes).
- Maps must be handed in on (or before) the 1st June 2012 for judging.
- Maps must be started from scratch.
- Maps should be fighting maps and not fun maps.
- Maps should be unprotected and released to the community.
- Maps shall have their own thread here on Gravity-World and should contain updates and pictures.

Judges so far;


Judges will judge (rated from from 1 to 10) the following criteria;

- Looks
- Originality
- Playability
- Atmosphere
- Lighting
- Sounds

If you are interested scream from the rooftops or maybe post in this thread.
More information at gravity-world.com
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