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    hello there I and a new guy here and I havent actully have Battlestations Pacific but seeing you tube videos about aerial warfare in the game I saw that aircraft travel in groups of three now I would like to point out that by this time aircraft would travel in what they call the finger four formation where 4 planes cover each others backs so maybe if Eidos makes another patch they can incorporate these in that patch.


    Ship speed
    Some ships steam along faster or slower than they should be
    LSTs and troop transports (American) were known to have steamed at a blistering speed of 11-12 knots
    Iowa class BBs could go at 33 knots
    subs were fast at the surface but very slow while submerged
    Yorktown and Lexington class CV could go 30+knots
    Make New York class BB playable in all Modes
    some ships EIDOS may want to add
    Essex class CV
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    Drop a line at and place all your suggestions on the forums. There is a thread for a current mod under development

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