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Old 11-27-2011, 08:02 PM
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Exclamation COMMANDOS-SF: MP ?!

I am the owner of the license disc CSF, which incidentally continues to Sell Now. For a long time I vainly try to contact at least with someone, about the 2008/9 CommandosSF was no longer support multiplayer, though there were people still willing to play and trying use hamachi or tunngle or... It's about money? How do I know Quazal for Eidos provided. How much is the payment server, as it is done? I would like to hear the person who had a CSF ratio in those days, thank you. Quazal.. and even once - Steam! Now - nothing.

What about http://www.commandosstrikeforce.com/
Some people at the expense of their salary support sites, how you can not pay for hosting? The game continues to Sell Now, but the site eidos it is almost impossible to find as such.

Since 2006, it was forgotten. No patches, no support, no changes. Zero effort from developers. The game has disappointed people because of the fact also that no longer meet modern requirements. Emphasis should be put it on multiplayer. block cheaters, richer organization of maps and modes - Patch 1.3 ..........!

This is not just an amateur program, it is the whole game with his legendary persons of multiplayer http://csf-lan.tumblr.com/story2006-2007

Fairly small world, it can not be compared with COD series, but has its own importance. Tell me honestly that prevents further support for the game, and how can I help you?
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