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Answer time!

1) Metal Rocks: Will a romantic relationship be considered for Lara? Like Sam?

2) A Big House: At any point during pre-prod, did anyone think that underwater swimming could have been incorporated into the game to create a whole new level of combat and puzzle solving? If so, explain everything?

3) Yansazonov: Is it true that Camilla really does the tricks for the game? How
many and what sort? (In the end Lara is carrying Sam, for example).


A Big House: During the start of the game, we see Lara hanging upside down before setting herself on fire. During Camilla's time in The Volume, was she hung upside down for that particular part?

4) Adobe Artist: Since the new game was all about Lara growing and developing her survival skills, the leveling/upgrading mechanic was a great game play feature for the players to experience Lara's growth alongside her. So for the next game will we see a return of this game design?

But would that also mean starting over (level 1 again) to upgrade all over again, which in a sense would be undoing all the progress she made as a person in the first game (of this new timeline)? Or do you now feel a leveling/upgrading system is no longer necessary for the next stage of Lara's adventures, when she's at that point of already being fully developed coming out of the island experience?

5) MangaBass: Will Lara look the same in the next game?
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