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Originally Posted by Noktoriah View Post
I too decided to register and join the discussion.

Monkeythumbz never said that it will be MMO, just that it will be online. Personally I think it will be A-RPG type of MMO like Path of Exile, for example. I just hope there will be enough story material!
I really really hope the game won't be a typical MMO, I hope the game will be "solo friendly" because I like playing on my own pace, making pauses when I want, immersing myself into the game and so fort, and not to force you to play with others.
Okay, just so as to keep all the speculation from going way off track, Nosgoth will not be an MMORPG - that wasn't what I meant when I said it would be an online multiplayer game.

Originally Posted by Mr.Milky View Post
But since it's not connected to LoK in a true sense, it's just a game in the Nosgoth universe set on somewhat different story which improves the lore of the Nosgoth itself.

I expect that it possesses the expansions in the terms of Lore, but I hope that they won't go too much into the "WTF" element. Keeping the Nosgoth dark with gothic architecture is a primary concern for me.

So just like there was "Legacy of Kain series" now we'll have "Nosgoth series" which are connected, however not interlaced. I hope that community manager can confirm this?!
It's a little early too call this the start of a series, wouldn't you say? We've not even revealed Nosgoth yet! As for the architecture, I'd say that it blends the kind of architecture you see in LoK:BO1 and LoK:SR1
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