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Answers - GO!

Also, time to go home. It's midnight. *_*

1) LaraRocks2: This may be a little early or irrelevant to ask but: Does Crystal have any further intentions of continuing the spinoff "The Lara Croft and:" titles? Will Lara ever be featured in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale?

2) KnightStar2001: Does Lara have an Inventory limit in regards to how many weapons she can have on her at one time?

3) Klona: What is the Endurance DLC pack?

4) Tecstar70: This is the first Tomb Raider that's rated 18/M. There may be younger gamers who love Tomb Raider and some people will be wondering what the game contains that warrants this rating. I understand that you cant go into too much detail but can you give us any further specifics of the content or themes that attracted this rating by way of guidance?

5) Levyjl1988: Will the preorder skins (Guerilla, Aviator, & Hunter) be used in multiplayer as well as Campaign?

6) A Big House: Lara as a MP character is only unlockable at level 60. Does your progression in SP gain you these levels, or do you have to level in MP only? And, will completing special objectives in SP unlock goodies in MP?

7) Jurre: Can players send text messages to each other in multiplayer? And can an offline player play around in the MP with AI players?

8) Blackseed32: Do we have an option in multiplayer to customize the selected player?

9) Darksaivan: Is there split-screen multiplayer?
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