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Merry Christmas Babies...

Q: What's the BEST way to totally screw up a Classic, Iconic FPS that's already been changed into a DIFFERENT Game ??? No ?

A: Add Multiplayer ! Ha Ha !

The 'Old' Lara Croft is now Buried so, so deep.

So Sleep well my Princess, until a Software house with Understanding and Vision can be found to return you and I to the Elysium fields of Solo Adventuring. I shall start writing Our OWN Adventure now...

Sweet Dreams my Love...

Just an update on my own status, since my last posting. I've now Hooked up my PS2 to my new 40" Samsung 3D smart TV. ALL my TR Games now look so so Freakin' Awesome and Visually have stepped up to a Higher Level. Pity there isn't a NEW Adventure worthy of them, to go with what I have...
Lara's not just a one night stand you know...
Happy Raiding,
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