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Guess I'll just recap what I mentioned in the general discussions board; back in the summer last year when I met Summer Glau at Toronto's FanExpo, she told me she was "in talks" for the role of Lara in the upcoming movie. Nothing official of course but this got me super excited none the less.

But more recently on a channel we have here called Space (kinda our version of the SciFi channel) a talk segment made mention of Olivia Wilde now being rumored for the role. Again nothing official here either.

While I do like Olivia well enough, I would still much MUCH prefer Summer get the part. She certainly has the looks, I mean she is just gorgeous, and top notch acting chops. But where she has the advantage over Olivia is her extensive training and experience in a variety of combat kills, from martial arts to sidearms & edged weapons. Plus she's amazingly athletic, her dancing and gymnastics background can easily be adapted to serve as Lara's acrobatics repertoir.

I wouldn't complain too much if it did go to Olivia, but still I strongly feel Summer will do the role more justice. Here's hoping
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