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Exclamation PRE-ORDER/ORDERS Thread- Exclusives/Bonus/DLC Q&As/Different Editions -All Discussion

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Use this thread to discuss/ask anything regarding pre-orders and orders.
DLC/Bonus Codes, latest retail offers etc...

The release date has been announced as 23 Aug in US/25 Aug in AUS/26 Aug in EU

We need a thread to consolidate and discuss DX:HR official merchandise (exclusive of the game and content of the Collectors Edition).
Should be useful for new members in particular.

Over on EM's official store, we can still purchase the range of earlier DXHR and EM goodies - posters, clothing, bags, keyrings etc.
Take a look here:

The Collectors Edition

This edition has a different box to the Augmented Edition and also includes a figure.

DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION Collector’s Edition, an extremely limited, exclusive product releasing in select European countries on August 26, 2011 and in Australia and New Zealand on August 25, 2011. Available now for preorder on the PlayStation3 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and Windows PC platforms, DEUS EX: HUMAN REVOLUTION Collector’s Edition delivers DEUS EX franchise fans the ultimate experience.

Originally Posted by Coyotegrey View Post
I'll keep this post updated as I get more info.

Where one may purchase the Collector's Edition:

Official publisher shop

Amazon (PC)
Amazon (PS3)
Amazon (Xbox 360)

Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Limited "Augmented Edition" Detailed
Plus some pre-order clarification

Square Enix today revealed the Deus Ex: Human Revolution Augmented Edition. In addition, two tactical packs will be offered as pre-order rewards to enhance the gameplay experience, including exclusive weapons, a bonus mission and in-game currency.

North America/Europe/Australia - Gamestop
Players who pre-order any version of the game at GameStop in North America, or players in Europe and Australia who pre-order the standard edition of the game, will receive the Explosive Mission Pack bonus. This will include an Automatic Unlocking Device (AUD), the M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED) and the Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher. There will also be an exclusive bonus mission, "Tong's Rescue", featuring a cameo appearance from one of the original Deus Ex characters.

North America - Walmart and
Players who pre-order any version of the game at Walmart or in North America will receive the Tactical Enhancement Pack bonus. The Tactical Enhancement pack will include the Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun, the SERSR Longsword Whisperhead silenced sniper rifle, and 10,000 extra credits, which players can use to buy or upgrade weapons. Click below to see trailers of both pre-order bonus packs in action:

Players who pre-order the Augmented Edition in Europe and Australia will receive both the Explosive Mission Pack and the Tactical Enhancement Pack.
Pre-order bonuses at other North American retailers are yet to be confirmed.

CONTENTS - Augmented Edition

The Augmented Edition contains a 40-page art book, and a bonus DVD featuring a 44- minute “making of” special, the game soundtrack, a motion-comic (adapted from DC’s official series), and the E3 trailer and animated storyboard.

See further details below:

Augmented Edition
* 40-page Artbook
* Exclusive Bonus DVD: Making Of, Special Trailers, Animated storyboard of CGI trailer and Soundtrack
* Premium Packaging
* Motion Graphic Novel

Pre-Order Programs
Explosive Mission Pack
Exclusively at GameStop e/ stores

* An entirely new mission with special cameo appearance of original Deus Ex character
* Linebacker G-87 multiple shot grenade launcher
* M-28 Utility Remote-Detonated Explosive Device (UR-DED)
* Automatic Unlocking Device

Tactical Enhancement Pack

Offered at participating Retailers

* Huntsman Silverback Double-Barrel Shotgun
* Longsword Whisperhead Extreme Range Sniper Rifle
* Extra Credits

US versions include only one pack. Gamestop has Explosive pack, other retailers have Tactical pack. There is no way to have both packs from US retailer.
The only version that contains both packs is European Augmented Edition. If you want both packs, pre-order from Europe.

Metal Case Edition:

Originally Posted by Geralt z Rivii View Post
Metal case with preorder (all editions). I don't know if it's available in all countries.

Spain: LINK
France: LINK


Summary Of Q&A's

Q: Can I pre-order the Augmented Edition and get all the DLC?
If so, is this game doing one of the region locks? If I buy the U.K. version will I be able to play it on my USA xbox360?
A: Whether to lock the game or not is still up to publisher. For the 360 and Wii, region locks on these platforms have been used more frequently. PLEASE make the relevant enquiries to avoid disappointment.

Q: Will the standard edition have lesser/different versions of the remote explosives (M-28) and the Grenade Launcher or not?
A: Every weapon that's included in the pre-order packs has an analog in the standard game in some form or another. You won't be missing out on the possible functionality if you choose not to get a given pack, but you will lose the presence of these non-upgradeable pre-specialized versions. For example, it's been announced previously that you can mix 'n' match various grenade types with different deployment mechanisms.
You're really not missing out either way when it comes to the weapons. All you get there are some shiny extras. No, the real difference is whether you want the extra mission or the extra credits.

Q: Will the retail PC release use Steam?
A: Things are pointing that way, but there are no details as yet.

Q: How do I receive the pre-order bonuses?
A: If you have pre-ordered the product you will eligible for the bonus pack.
The method in which you get the pre-order bonus is yet to be verified.
Q: I want the augmented edition but i want to buy the game for onlive. Can I do this?
Q: What about international orders?
A: Try with shipping to other countries.
Beware of platform. 360 games can be region locked, and PC and (usually) PS3 games are not.
Try also, and

From Fireisprettyful:
EB Games, Canada are selling the augmented edition so i assume other shops are also
Q: I live in the US and have a question concerning the pre-order bonus.
On Amazon, the Augmented Edition does not come with the pre-order bonus while the standard version does.. I feel like any and all versions should have the bonus included if pre-ordered.
When I asked Amazon, they said the Augmented Edition had other incentives, but those are paid incentives and should not restrict purchasers from getting the other content.
Can someone confirm that the Augmented Edition does not come with pre-order exclusives?
A: If you live in the US, the augmented edition only comes with one of the pre-order packs, ie. the one that contains the shotgun and sniper rifle.
If you want the other pack with the extra mission, you'll have to pre-order from Gamestop.
Or, if you're getting it for the PC / PS3, order it from abroad, as outside of the US the augmented edition contains both pre-order packs. ships worldwide.

I have pre-order the augmented edition by amazon, and it says that I have 2 different packages to choose: one with a shotgun and the other with explosives. When will I be able to choose? Because they didn't give me any actual option.
A: The Explosive Mission Pack is a Gamestop exclusive. In Europe they get both pre-order packs, but in the US Gamestop gets the Explosive Mission Pack and everyone else gets the Tactical Enhancement Pack.
Q: As I live in a part of the world not covered by their preorder sites (South East Asia basically), and I want the augmented pack for the PC, is it:
1) Possible to purchase one from vanilla and still have it work?
2) Necessary to preorder the augmented pack, or will it be available off the shelves? (one option precludes the other basically)
3) Available for preorder some other way?
1) PC games are region free, so wherever you get it from it'll work. However, one thing we do know is that the US augmented edition does not come with all the pre-order content, but the European one does. Try ordering from, they should ship to your location and that way you'll get all the content.
2) Not yet confirmed either way, but at a guess it'll probably be available on store shelves too.
3) You can pre-order on Steam, but no word on whether that gives you all or any of the pre-order content.

In the US you can buy the game with just one of the preorder packs (Gamestop - explosive pack, everyone else - tactical pack). If you want both packs, order your Augmented Edition from abroad ( will do the trick). Be aware that X360 games can be region-locked, while PS3 and PC should be ok.

The Explosive Mission Pack is a Gamestop exclusive. In Europe they get both pre-order packs, but the US Gamestop gets the Explosive Mission Pack and everyone else gets the Tactical Enhancement Pack.
Double check on official (click on US flag) and on

US versions include only one pack. Gamestop has Explosive pack, other retailers have Tactical pack. There is no way to have both packs from US retailer.

The only version that contains both packs is European Augmented Edition. If you want both packs, pre-order from Europe.

On this forum they have discussed the Augmented edition, Collectors Edition and the Regular Edition. There has been no mention of the Limited Edition. I would like to know if the Limited Edition contains both preorder packs.
According to this it's just the regular edition with the "Explosive Mission Pack" included.

Will the pre-order content be put out as DLC post-release?
A: No information, at time of posting.

What DRM is DX:HR using?

General note: Digital distribution versions of Deus Ex:HR don't come with ingame pre-order content.

Q: Collector's vs. Augmented edition different or same?
So I'm trying to figure out: Are the "Collector's" and "Augmented" editions of DX:HR different?
I pre-ordered the Augmented edition the other day through GameStop because I thought that was the ultimate version with all the bells and whistles a fanboy could want... but is the "collector's" edition the one I really want?
(P.S. I am going to play the PC version, as I do not own a console.)

The CE comes with custom box design, Adam Jensen figure, and ALL the preorder bonuses. Other than that, they are the same.


Have a question? Ask in this thread and it will be added to the summary above.



Update from Kyle @ 06/12/2010

Originally Posted by Coyotegrey View Post
Alright I have some news regarding the GameStop exclusive level.

This was originally cut from the game. The content was revived to incentivize pre-order sales. Really, this content wouldn't be there if not for the pre-order element.

Now, we realize some, if not all, want everything for the game. That's why we're looking into providing this content to as many people as we can through some other option. As usual, stay tuned.
^ Regarding the extra mission, which is in the Explosive pack. This mission was cut from the game, but then EM decided to put it at least as pre-order bonus.



Originally Posted by jaycw2309 View Post
Why do US games get released on Tuesday, UK on Friday?.. we didnt start that trend but its the norm.. entire distribution companies are based around this timing system.. Some games try for the same day simultaneous worldwide, and unfortunately guarenteed you'll get a store or distributor somewhere breaking the date etc..

Steam may be a digital distribution therefore available almost anywhere in the world, but the product they are selling isnt ONLY being sold via them on the web. Retailers will be selling copies too (not everyone can afford to have over 8GB download usage on a single item on their net packages - yes i KNOW some can but not all). Therefore they are following the same retail distribution timing scheme.
Region locks are in place to stop `grey` importing, which whilst consumers may not really care where they get their product from as they just want `A` copy of the game, to the companies who distribute (and ourselves who pay for distribution) each territory has a very different cost base and price to ship to etc and these are reflected in local prices (ask anyone in Tazmania for example about cost of games and they will probably cry as they so expensive to get imported etc)
It’s quite normal for most PC releases to launch on Steam, so it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the highly anticipated game, Deus Ex: Human Revolution will launch on digital service this August. But to sweeten the deal, we got word from Eidos that not only will the Steam version feature Steamworks functionalities, both the Standard and Augmented Editions of the game will be discounted for those who pre-order either of them. The Standard version will be priced at $44.99 with the Augmented Edition, which includes a digital art-book, trailers, motion graphic novel, soundtrack and free download of Deux Ex: GOTY edition, will be available for $53.99.

Those who fell in love with the first game on PC and have been craving its return should definitely jump at this great deal. Again, Deus Ex: Humuan Revolution releases on August 23rd.
Originally Posted by Tecman View Post
What was ended was the speculation of retail copies having Steamworks or not. Well, it did. It's Steamworks. If you're unfamiliar with what that means, go to this site: - See the DXHR placeholder boxart? Notice the other games on that list? They all NEED Steam to install, activate and work. It's not like "optionally adding a CD-key", it's "installs through Steam if you buy retail". Now download this: (8MB, page 4). See?

We've known this for a while now. Game needs Steam, and while I wouldn't be against it, I severely doubt they'll put out an alternative version if the game uses Steamworks features like Steam Cloud and Steam Achievements. The press release just pretty much confirmed it even further.

Originally Posted by MyImmortal View Post
Megarom, Square Enix team up
Mon, 28 Mar 2011 3:35

Square Enix announced that Megarom Interactive has been appointed as its local distribution partner for the developer's new releases. These will include a wealth of titles such as Tactics Ogre, Dungeon Siege 3, Deus Ex: Human Revolution and the Final Fantasy franchise.

"Megarom is thrilled to be able to bring Square Enix's new releases to South Africa. This appointment certainly cements Megarom's position as the leading distributor of interactive video games in South Africa," the company said in a press release.

"Key to Megarom Interactive's strategy since its inception over 10 years ago has been to be a totally focused gaming products distributor and to only represent interactive gaming publishers with long standing reputations of producing high quality titles that the gamers know and trust and will always support at retail.

"Square Enix fits Megarom's distribution model perfectly. We are exceptionally proud to form this important partnership to bring new and exciting Square Enix titles to gamers in South Africa," the release read.

Megarom has local distribution partnerships with developers from around the world, including Ubisoft, Codemasters, Lucasarts, Take2, Namco Bandai and more.


4 March 2011
Originally Posted by Tecman View Post



Square Enix Offers Cyborg Arm as Prize for Deus Ex Pre-Orders

Also up for grabs is the less exciting prize of nearly $20,000 worth of home theater equipment.

Square Enix has hit upon a fairly unique pre-order incentive for Deus Ex: Human Revolution: If you pre-order the game from GameStop, you have a chance to win a cybernetic arm, as well as a large stack of electronics equipment.

In Human Revolution, Jensen is badly wounded during an attack on the company he works for, requiring cybernetic augmentation in order to survive. The arm in question is a scale replica of one of the mechanical arms that Jensen wakes up with after the attack, which Square Enix says is worth around $1,000. The prize also includes a 3D TV, home theater seating, three gaming consoles, and a $500 GameStop gift card. The total value of the prize is estimated to be around $20,000.

There are a few hoops you'll need to jump through in order to be in with a chance to win the prize however. First and foremost, you'll have to live in the US, meaning that European fans - like me - are out of luck. You'll also need to be a PowerUp Rewards member, although the free subscription will do just fine. You also have to actually buy the game when it comes out before the cutoff date of August 30th.

You can enter by mail as well however, which would seem to bypass many of the aforementioned hoops. To enter by mail you need to send mail a card with your full name, phone number, email address and mailing address to "The Marketing Arm Inc. Attention: "Deus Ex: Augment Your Room Sweepstakes", #140, 233 Rock Road, Glen Rock, NJ 07452."

Even without all the home theater equipment, the arm would be a pretty good prize for a lucky fan. Hopefully the winner will have somewhere special to put the full-sized arm.


GameStop to start selling digital downloads in stores

Why click the mouse a couple times when you can drive to the local GameStop and answer questions about more preorders? GameStop is rolling out support for the digital age.

With the upcoming launch of Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC platforms, GameStop is starting up a program to sell digital versions of PC games within the physical locations of the company. While visitors to the GameStop can accomplish the exact same task on the website, customers interested in the game can apply store credit from trade-ins to the purchase of the digital title. This service is being powered by technology from a recent acquisition, Impulse Inc. The Impulse digital distribution platform is a response to the popularity of Steam as well as the move by Electronic Arts to sell games within a proprietary distribution system called Origin.

As an incentive for those that preorder Deus Ex: Human Revolution, consumers will also receive a DLC pack called Explosive Mission, digital versions of the first two games in the series Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition and Deus Ex: Invisible War, double points for GameStop PowerUp Rewards members as well as an entry in the Augment Your Living Room Sweepstakes (GameStop PowerUp Rewards members only). The sweepstakes includes a 3D HDTV, surround sound system, home theater seating, all three consoles and a $500 GameStop gift card.

In order to download Deus Ex: Human Revolution on the release date of August 23, users have to download the Impulse client similar to clients from Steam and EA. Publishers that use Impulse can include digital rights management options to protect its software, but PC gaming consumers are often disparaging against any form of DRM. Similar to Steam, the Impulse software allows publishers to include achievements, chat, friends lists, cloud storage and multiplayer lobbies within games. Publishers also have the ability to add more downloadable content to the game through Impulse as well as have access to analytics around consumers and purchase behavior.


Originally Posted by MaxSchmerz View Post
German Preorder Box

- Deus Ex 1 PC Full Version
- Explosive Mission Pack Downloadcode

Price: 5€

Get your DX:HR "Augmented Beanie" hat!

EB Games recently updated their pre-order bonus to include a Deus Ex Human Revolution Augmented Beanie for those that pre-order the Standard Edition or Augmented Edition. Strange as it seems, the Beanie doesn’t seem to be an extra for those ordering the Collector’s Edition.

The Augmented Beanie seems to include headphone jacks.
Could the beanie have earphones embedded in the beanie itself? If so, that’s pretty darn cool.

Originally Posted by MyImmortal View Post
Game are offering a Preorder bonus for DX:HR.
Preorder on Xbox 360, PS3 or PC and you will receive a free DC Comic Book.

*End of Moderator Edit*


Its happened. God damn it EM.

It seems these are weapons are featured in the game (Given that they released concept art of the GL and remote explosives) but you just get them straight up. The shotgun might not be included, if it is thats a pretty obscure addition to the weapons.


Originally Posted by EL1TE View Post
I see some people complaining because they can't find the game (specially Augmented Edition) anywhere, so i'll leave here some info in hope that they'll get it before it goes out of stock due to limited availability.

NOTE: Only Links from sources with Stock will be posted.

Delivery Info:

- Amazon: Free for UK, Free for EU if above order is above £25 (Select Super Savings).
- GAME: Free for UK, £2.95 per item for EU
- Gamestation: Free for UK, £2.95 per item for EU
- HMV: Free for UK, £2.5 per item for EU
- Play: Free for UK and EU
- ShopTo: Free for UK and Depends on the Item (Will appear on Basket) for EU
- TheHut: Free for UK and EU
- Zavvi: Free for UK and EU

Store Bonus Info:

- Amazon: Limited: Explosive Mission Pack, Augmented: All Items
- GAME: Limited: Explosive Mission Pack, Augmented: All Items + DC Comic
- Gamestation: Limited: Explosive Mission Pack, Augmented: All Items + DC Comic
- HMV: Limited: Explosive Mission Pack?, Augmented: All Items
- Play: Limited: Explosive Mission Pack
- ShopTo: Limited: Explosive Mission Pack
- TheHut: Limited: Explosive Mission Pack
- Zavvi: Limited: Explosive Mission Pack

Limited Edition:
- Amazon [£27.99/€32.00]:
- GAME [£27.99/€32.00]:
- GameStation [£27.99/€32.00]:
- HMV [£32.99/€37.72]:;-1&sku=45853
- Play [£27.99/€34.99]:
- ShopTo [£25.85/€31.99]:
- TheHut [£27.85/€34.43]:
- Zavvi [£27.85/€34.45]:

Augmented Edition:
- Amazon [£34.91/€39.91]:
- GAME [£34.99/€40]:
- Gamestation [£34.99/€40]:
- HMV [£34.91/€39.91]:

Collectors Edition:
- ShopTo [£74.86/€92.25]: GAMES...s Edition.html
- TheHut [£99.85/€122.93]:
- Zavvi [£99.85/€122.95]:

Now make Square and Eidos proud of PC gaming.

PS: If anyone finds any bad link or goes out of stock let me know, thanks.

OnLive Update

GameStop says it will not sell the opened DXHR packages -- in fact, it won't sell any physical copies of the game at all until Square Enix ships GameStop a version without the OnLive coupon. GameSpot will continue to sell its own digital version of the game in its stores and online.
Read full report here:

Originally Posted by TheHeeyyy View Post
Yesterday I posted in this thread on not getting the Explosive Mission Pack DLC with my Gamestop pre-order of Deus Ex (PC). This morning, I returned to the same Gamestop/EBGames store (Canada), and told them about it. The guy said I should call the customer service line, and they can give me a code for the DLC. I called the customer service line, and after being put on hold for 15 minutes, the cs rep I talked to told me that the stores should be receiving codes today, and I need to get a code from the store I pre-ordered at. After work, I went back to the same store, and told another employee about all the hassle I've had to go through to get this code. He checked his computer, and I FINALLY got a code, which successfully registered on Steam. So to all Canadians who pre-order Deus Ex at Gamestop/EBGames, be persistent and go back to the stores to get the DLC you are entitled to.

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