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Originally Posted by MarleyMon81 View Post
Was this announced on the 360 ticker? I looked at it last night and it was just advertising the Insane pack.
It was advertised on the 360 ticker in the US? Oh man. Let me... er... talk to some people about that tomorrow.

Originally Posted by Hall E Woode View Post
So does the U.S. 360 crowd eventually get it? Or no?
Can't sugar coat this one, I've been told no.


Originally Posted by Sinner77 View Post
As excited as i am to read this, i can already picture the 100 threads about 360 not getting it...

I know a lot of people will be frustrated, and that's OK if you want to voice your opinion but please try and keep the threads worthwhile.

Originally Posted by SammiiDoogles View Post
Just a warning before anything does go down, Try and keep this thread clean, i don't want this ending in a console war...
Cheers mate

Originally Posted by MarleyMon81 View Post
Just looked at the release again and am I reading this correct. It will only be available to those 360 owners in Europe? No 360 owners in the U.S. will have access to the DLC?
PS3 - Europe and North America
360 - Only Europe, not North America
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