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Default The real Chris@Crystal

Sorry I am late to this thread. Thought I would check in and clarify a few things:

"I have been informed by Chris Bruno that I will "Hear something of Kain very soon"

I don't believe I ever said this to anyone.

That is not me posting on the facebook page mentioned.

I am not aware of any upcoming LOK announcements. Although like Balance Reaver posted, the LOK intellectual property is very important to Crystal Dynamics/Eidos, as are all of our IPs. If there is communication with Eidos about a new LOK game or a script, I am not aware of it.

The Legacy of Kain series is one of my very favorites, and I personally would love to see more games in the series.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly.

Christopher Bruno ~ QA Manager ~ Crystal Dynamics ~ Mastering ~ Eidos Inc

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